About Us

Fresh. Sustainable.
All Year Round.

Based in West Asheville at the Smith Mill Works agri-community, our farming practices are inspired by our desire to grow as natural and clean a microgreen as possible.

Throughout every step of our growing process, and in every one of our operational systems, we ask “is this taking us closer to Mother Nature, or moving us farther away?” We only support practices that bring us closer to our roots!

Our Purpose

To support the shift from a “fast food culture” to a “living food culture” 
with ultra-healthy, organic microgreens that appeal to kids of all ages!

Sprouts Are in Our Roots!

Having grown up crawling around in his parent's sprout and microgreen business in Santa Barbara, California, Sprout Culture's founder Jesah Segal developed a love for sprouts, microgreens, and all living foods early in his life. 

One night after his mom brought out old baby pictures of him crawling around in his parent's greenhouse (where they grew 7,000 lbs of sprouts and microgreens a month!), he decided to start a microgreens business out of his upstairs hallway closet. That tiny closet quickly grew into a 1,050 sqft facility now known as the "Sprout House," where he runs Sprout Culture, one of North Carolina's largest certified-organic urban vertical microgreen farms.